One of the Greatest and most influential Sufi saint of Indian Sub-continent, By whose order Hazrat Amir Khusro (R.a) Invented a new language to break down barriers between south and north India (Including Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Rangoon, Bangladesh and border area of Afghanistan), for better understanding and to serve Humanity in a unified way. A Sufi far beyond the boundation of time, caste, creed, color, region or race. A Sufi with only 1 mission to serve humanity when caste system was on peak in Indian sub-continent. A celebrated Sufi of all time,who became the spiritual mentor and inspiration for many Sufis, Kings, businessman and still showing the path to many unsatisfied hearts and souls in past 7 centuries. Remembered and praised by numerous hearts. He is His holiness Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia (rehmatullah alaiy). Born in a Syed family ancestral descendent of Prophet Muhammad (swallalaho alaih wassalm) with 19 of his ancestors falling in the chain.

Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia (R.a) represents the secular character of Indian culture and his disciple hzt. Amir khusro (R.a) was the 1st to express his patriotism towards Indian soil, centuries before first freedom struggle. Still his magnificent shrine/ dargah/ khanqah spreading the divine light that give peace to hearts and soul and essence of Rose in air invites you for a pure ecstasy.

On 15 rajab ( 7 month in Islamic calendar) His holiness took the Bai’t (Oath of allegiance).Sheikh Baba Farid (R.a) taught him the ascetic way of life with more broad dimensions, as he was more ascetic since childhood, fasting was the essence of it. Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia’s Sheikh/pir/spiritual mentor asked his holiness not to abandon studies for prayers as both are important for life the life of a Dervish (mendicant). Baba Farid told his holiness that knowledge is essential for Dervish; otherwise it is difficult to tread on this path. Baba Farid (R.a) trained his disciple in hard way. He lived in extensively impecunious and materially deprived circumstances. His holiness stayed in the Khanqah/monastery at Ajodhan for 8months nearly, engaged in prayers and meditation under his guidance and soon attained

Ancestors & family:

Fawad ul fawa’id & Afzal ul fawa’id are some of the few books which got completed during the life of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia (R.a). Even he did correction in Fawad ul fawa’id book with his own hand, which was written by one of the disciple Hasan ala sanjri (r.a) which contains Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia’s weekly gathering, speeches and teachings given to his disciples and visitors who use to come often. But later written book Sirul-aulia by Syed Mohammad bin Mubarak al Kirmani, has written about the life, benevolence and eternal teachings of his Holiness.

Its written in the books that hazrat Sultanul mashaikh’s grandparents were cousins.

Syed Ali bukhari (paternal) & Syed Arab bukhari (maternal). Khwaja Arab (r.a) has to children namely Khwaja Abdullah the son and Bibi Zulekh the daughter whereas Khwaja Ali (r.a) has a son Khwaja Syed Ahmed (r.a).Both the families migrated to India from Bukhara .While coming to India they stopped in Lahore and their only son Kh.Ahmed married bibi Zulekha (R.a) in 615 Hijri. Soon after they settled in Badaun.In 620 Hijri their first child was born Bibi Zainab (R.a) after that Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia (R.a) was born after 15 years, in 635 Hijri. Later whom the world recognized as “MEHBOOB-E-ILAHI (beloved of Allah). His Holiness lost his father at the Age of 5, His Holiness was seriously ill and His Mother Bibi zulekha (r.a) saw a dream in which a mysterious voice asked a question, what do you desire for, son or husband? Unintentionally answered that I Want my son. In year 641 Hijri (1241 AD) father of his holiness departed from this world.


His Holiness was brought up with full sincerity and love of his Mother Bibi Zulekha (R.a). A True Woman and a perfect Mother in every respect that she was devoted to her religion. At the same time she was courageous, hard working as well as too much tolerant and has Patience by nature. She trained and brought up His Holiness with full religious and ethical values. She had a great fore sight that she provided his holiness the best education with best Teachers and scholars of that time. Even these are the values enhanced and beautified later by his Spiritual Master Sheikh Baba Farid (r.a). His Holiness since childhood only was very Humble, sincere, passionate, loving and influential by nature. Since his childhood he was carrying all the qualities of a true Salik (traveller) for the path of Mysticism. His holiness spent all his Childhood in Badaun ( now in Uttar pradesh).

Education and Spiritual life:

His Holiness since childhood was very simple yet very charismatic. Poverty and starvation couldn’t deter his enthusiasm for Education and learning. His first teacher was Hazrat Shaadi muqri (R.a), who was the student of a Known Islamic scholar Hazrat khwaja Muqri (r.a). Hazrat Shaadi muqri (R.a) was an expert and excellent teacher in reciting Qur’an sharif. In 653 Hijri/1253 AD hazrat Nizamuddin aulia (R.a) completed his graduation under Hazrat Alauddin usuli (R.a) at Badaun, who was a saintly person. At the age of 16 year his Holiness came along with his Mother and sister Bibi Zainab to delhi for Higher studies. He came and resided at Namak-ki-sarai where he met Hazrat Najeebuddin mutawaqil (R.a) who was the younger brother of Baba sheikh farid (R.a). Being in Delhi beside poverty, shelter was another big problem for His holiness. Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia (R.a) studied Hadees (saying and tradition of Muhammad (swallalaho alaihwassalm)) and Islamic jurisprudence (Islamic fiqh) from Hazrat Kamaluddin zahid, who was a known teacher and expert in this regard and from other teachers like Moulana aminuddin mohaddis (R.A) and Shamsuddin mulk (R.a). His holiness completed “Masharaqul Anwar” from Hazrat Kamaluddin zahid (R.a). Hazrat Alauddin usuli (R.a) and kamaluddin zahid both were very respectful, honoured l and close teachers of his holiness Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia. Under the age of 20years his holiness completed his Exterior/worldly education in badaun and delhi but soon for spiritual education and learning he has to migrate again to a new place called Ajodhan (new name is Pakpattan in Pakistan) to meet his spiritual mentor who soon put him on spiritual path and finally to enlighten him with Chisti Authority of that time that no other Chisti sheikh got beside Hazrat NIZAMUDDIN aulia (R.a) during his life. Beside poverty and food, Shelter was another big problem for Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia (R.a). As they never had a permanent place to stay in delhi. His holiness first stayed at “namak ki sarai” then 2 other places he stayed but did not got any permanent shelter. In these condition his holiness completed his outer education and become an Aalim (Islamic jurisprudence) which was enough for worldly matters but when he showed his interest to be a Qazi(judge) Hazrat Najeebuddin muttawakil (R.a) said to his holiness this phrase.

“Qazi ma-shou, Chize digr shou” means” Don’t be Judge with something else”. His holiness took the advice earnestly and decided to concentrate on the life of being a Dervish (mendicant).

for spiritual education and learning he has to move Ajodhan (Pakistan).

During his stay at Namak-ki-sarai and closeness with hazrat Najeeduddin muattawakil (R.a) added fuel to his intimacy and urge to meet his Future sheikh.

Sheikh Baba Farid’s (R.a) name:

One day a certain Qawwal (Sufi Musician) named Abu bakr came from Multan to meet Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia’s teacher. The Teacher of His Holiness asked about Different Sheikh whom he met in multan (now in Pakistan). Abu bakr Answered that he met Hazrat Bahauddin zakria multani(R.a) in multan for whom I sung mystical couplets in his Khanqah (monastery), who is a great Sufi Sheikh. In his Khanqah the worship of Allah is very devoted so much that even the women who knead the flour (while doing so), are occupied with zikr (Invocations of Allah almighty). From there I went to see another sheikh at Ajodhan (new name pakpattan in Pakistan). I got the privilege to meet Sheikh Baba Farid Mas’ud Ganj-e-shakar (R.a) That sovereign of Love God has conquered the world and the light of his moon illuminated that area”.

He is a mystical King with much spiritual potential with simpliocity.

His Holiness Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia says ‘when I heard these words of praise in regard to Baba Fariduddin Ganj-e-shakar, I developed a sudden and intense love for him and Began to repeat his name after every Namaz”.

At the age of 20 his holiness was eager to meet his Master for spirituality, which his heart has already decided without seeing with true passion of love and devotion. In order to meet his Sheikh and spiritual mentor he started his journey to pakpattan and reached, in The month of Rajab( 7 month in Islamic calendar). Baba Farid (R.a) was of 94 years and was waiting for His successor to sit after him On chistia (silsila) throne.As khwaja Moinuddin shisti (R.a) crowned Hazrat Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.a) and Hazrat Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.a) crowned Baba Farid (R.a) to be a Sheikh-e-tariqat (master in spiritual lineage). His holiness was welcomed at Ajodhan with great honour and warmth as Baba Farid was eager to welcome him as well, which he got to know with divine inspiration. As they met Baba Farid (R.a) recited this couplet in Persian language.

“Ai-atishe furaqat, dil ha kabab karda, Sailabe ishtiaqat janha kharab karda” (The fire of separation has roasted the heart, The flood of fondness has wasted the soul)

Khwaja Badruddin Is’haq (R.a) a highly qualified scholar from Bukhara (Uzbekistan), who was the warden of the khanqah and son in law of Baba Farid (R.a). He was made acretaker of His Holiness, with a special status and gentle closeness by his future sheikh. His holiness was an Aalim (Islamic jurisprudence) with simplicity and love for others, without any pride but still he was asked by Baba Farid (R.a) not to have a sense of being such a knowledgeable person.

Pledge Of Allegiance:

High dignity and proficiency in conduct and divinity.Baba Farid sent Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia to delhi with divine love, serenity and a Light for the people in dark. The Sheikh of His holiness Also gave him an ink pot, to serve the bodily sick people as well by giving amulet (talisman/taweez). Baba Farid (R.a) finding his holiness hesitant, was asked with hard words that “many will come for assisitance and one should not refuse anyone. Therefore Chisti khanqa’ since then till now remained full with people wanting assistance and amulets for their different needs and problems. As His holiness came back soon many people started visiting him for the same.His Holiness visited Baba Farid (R.a) 3 times in his life time.

Visits to Ajodhan:

In the month of Ramazan (9 month in Islamic calendar) 653 Hijri/1256 AD. His holiness visited his Spiritual Mentor for the second time. This visit Became far beyond any visit of his holiness as Sheikh Baba Farid (R.a), taught him 6 chapters of Qur’an along with tamheed of Abu Shakur sulami and Awariful Marif under Baba Farid’s (R.a) tutorship. During the visit his holiness received Khilafat-nama from his Sheikh. .But when His Holiness seemed nervous about accepting the responsibility, Baba Farid (R.a) comforted him with the words “Nizam, take it from me, though I do not know if I will be honoured before almighty Allah or not, I promise not to enter Heaven without your disciples”. The 27 year His Holiness was appointed as chief successor oh Baba Farid (R.a).Before his departure to delhi,Baba Farid (R.a) gave him special robe that he inherited from Pirs/sheikhs of Chistia, as his spiritual heir and instructed him to repay the loan the earliest. To keep the enemies happy by all means, to strive hard in prayers and said “Under the orders of God, I grant and appointed Maulana Nizamuddin Aulia (R.a) the territory of India. And leave the country under his charge and appointed him my Regent”. Hs holiness was asked to show the document and get signed from Maulana Jamal hansvi (R.a) in Hansi, Haryana and Qazi Muntakhib (R.a) in delhi. When His holiness met Maulana Jamal hansvi, he was pleased to see and expressed happiness on the appointment and signed the Khilafat-naama/disciple with authority and said these lines.


(The pearl has been entrusted to one who know its value)

During Baba Farid’s (R.a) life time, sheikh, Nizamuddin aulia (R.a) visited ajodhan thrice.On the last visit in Jamadi ul awwal 658 Hijri 1259 AD. (5th month of Islamic caleder) his mentor predicted, “Nizamuddin, you will be a tree under whose shadow people will find rest, you should strengthen your spirits by devotion”. His holiness was greeted whole heartedly and Baba Farid (R.a) transmitted the spiritual gifts and predicted a glorious era for his Holiness and said :

“Oh, Nizam destiny has made you the mater of the world, go and sit on the throne of Hind (India sub-continent)

Baba Farid (R.a) furher said that you will not be present at my death but I hand over all these things to you, thus His Holiness sat on the throne during the life of his Sheikh. It is written in books that after 1 year Baba Farid Mas’ud Ganj-e-shakar’s soul left his body to meet Allah.

Stay at ghyaspur :

Delhi was a populous city His holiness found it difficult to find a suitable place. While doing Meditation near garden Hauz-e-rani the sheikh Nizamuddin Aulia (R.a) heard an inner voice directing him to ghiyaspur and His holiness selected Ghyaspur for his stay at Delhi. Being in delhi he busied himself in Prayers, meditation and humanitarian work. He renounced material things and kept fasting regularly. He led a life for next 30 years with complete and resignation, had no interest in worldly things. He performed and did Superegotary prayers like Chash’t, ishraq and abwa’bil and sat in congregation of sophists and mendicents and discussed problems of Mysticism. After midday prayers he talked to the students and seekers of knowledge and spent his nights in prayers. He spent early days in extreme poverty and often observed fats 3 days continuously and when there was nothing to eat his holiness’s mother Bibi Zulekha used to say that “today we are the guest of Allah”. Penury and poverty was so acute, when he shook the suspended. The sheikh’s fame spread and thousands of people became his followers. His khanqah stood by side of the jamuna River, where he lived in a small room spending time in meditation, fasting and prayers. The master and the Khanqah inmates spent their days in starvation.

Once, the master and his disciple had starved for three days in succession. When a woman from the neighborhood sent flour, a disciple added water and placed it on the stove to cook. Shortly a dervish (mendicant) came asking for food, on being informed that food is cooking. Soon he stated to show signs of impatience. When pot is placed before dervish, he started eating from it and smashed the utensil on the ground, uttering these words “sheikh Baba Farid (R.a) has bestowed his spiritual blessings on Nizamuddin (R.a). I break the vessel of his material poverty”. After this, soon enormous futuh (gifts, money) began to flow in khanqah and kitchen grew to become a huge establishment, distributing food to thousands of people each day.

Sama mehfils (Music ceremony) were held regularly and remained a source of spiritual nourishment for Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia (R.a) and to other sufi inmates as well as for visitors. Any verse or couplet that affects the heart of His Holiness during sama becomes popular among the disciples and visitors.

Thirteen rulers ascended on the throne of delhi during the life of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia (R.a) but he never visited their courts. His Holiness kept himself aloof from the authorities and never visited any Royal courts and palaces. His Holiness advised his disciples and followers that

“One whose hands and feet moved at the Royal buildings could not have a soul of his own”. “The only way to love and adore Allah-taala , is to love Him for the sake of human beings and to love human beings for the sake of Allah-taala”.

Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia had many Disciples with and without authority (Mureeds and khalifas). His First disciple was Hazrat Abu Bakr handi and first disciple with authority was Hazrat Alauddin neeli (R.a). Many of his famous Disciples with and without authority (Mureeds and khalifas) are these Hazrat. Amir khusro,Nazseeruddin chiragh-e-dehli (R.a), hazrat Zia’uddin barni (R.a), Hasan ala sanjri (R.a), khwaja Mubashar sahib, Khwaja Muhammad Imam (R.a),Qazi moi-uddin kashani (R.a),Khwaja Hisamuddin Jigr sokhta (R.a), Khwaja Burhanuddin gharib (R.a) and thousands more.

His Holiness showed the true meaning of being Sufi. It is by deeds, Words and conduct a Sufi lives an ethical example. They attempt to bridge the big gap between orthodoxy and religion of faith and devotion. They won the hearts of the people by their love and liberalism, sincerity of purpose, charity, piety and social service. They exercise considerable influence on kings, officials and nobles for the welfare of the people. HisTeachings added a new dimension to the understanding of Islamic ideals. In service to Humanity Mehbob-e-ilahi advised the people that :

“if someone throws thorns in your way, Don’t throw the thorns as a reply from You, As their will be Thorns everywhere”.

His Holiness suffered from ill health, Fever and cataract but never spared himself from his duties nor neglected his prayers. His Holiness suffered ribs infection for over a month which made him bed-ridden and very weak. Before living this world, His Holiness called his relatives and disciples and his attendant Khwaja Iqbal (close attendant and in charge of Langar khana) that “distribute all the gains from the "stores to the poor and needy. Further he said “the whole store and house should ne seedless”.

It was early morning of 18 rabi us’sani 725 Hijri/1325 AD, At the age of 90, sheikh Nizamuddin aulia Mehboob e ilahi (R.a) before sun rose in the blue sky one the brightest star of Islam and manifestation of God’s secret service on earth was put off. Baba Farid’s (R.a) cloak was spread over the sheikh’s body. Hazrat Ruknuddin multani (R.a) offered and led the Funeral prayer (namaz-e-janaza). Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia (R.a) willed that “Along my janaza (Dead body) there should be sama”. As they were carrying his janaza, a ghazal of Hzt Sheikh Saadi was sung. When the singer reached this couplet “

A'e Tamasha gayey alam roohay tu ,Tu kuja bayhayray tamasha meharvi

The hands of Hzt Mehboob-e-Elahi came out of the kaffan (casket) and the janaza (Covered dead body) began to dance. At that time your Khalifa-e-Azam, Hzt Naseeruddin Mehmood Roshan Chirag Dehli said, “Sheikh, shariat darmi’an ast” means shari’at (law) is between, just then the hands went back into the kaffan. It was the reign of Mohammad bin Tughlaq and unfortunately Hazrat Amir khusro (R.a) was not in Delhi.

His tomb stands in Nizam Uddin Basti and attracts thousands of Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim pilgrim's daily. Thousands of pilgrims, tourists and visitors come to get the blessing of Real human being who passed away seven centuries back but still his visit makes people to realize about being good, doing good and showing good. Even you are not present physically in this world but spiritually present for everyone who have firm belief , love for others and True devotion for Allah almighty.

From Ala’uddin khilji to Babur the Mughal conqueror different kings, royal courtiers, nobles and royal families were also visiting His Holiness’s Grave. Though with time rulers like Akbar, Jahangir, Aurangzeb and Bahadur shah zafar and Nawabs, Peshwas, Maharajas and British viceroys, Governor Generals always paid visit to the Dargah of Hazrat NIZAMUDDIN Aulia (R.a). Different other royal families around the globe sent their Love and gifts for this Sufi through their representatives. Now it has become a culture for Presidents, Prime ministers and other ministers of India to visit this Sufi place for their good carrier and safety for staying in Delhi. On every Thursday, ambassadors of different Embassies and diplomats from different nations come to hear Sufi Sama (Sufi Music) in the evening.

His Holiness sat in delhi for more than 6 decades, woven the threads of love in the hearts of the people and made the fabric out of it. His Holiness sewed the broken relationship between the creator and the Creature.

His holiness opened his door to all classes of the people and had immense confidence and influence on the people. The khanqah served as a welfare Centre attending to the needs of locality. His Holiness laid great emphasis on the motive of the Love and devotion for the realization of Allah-Taala. His Holiness said....